2013 Seminar

The Impact of GMOs on Rights-of-Way Vegetation Management. Dave Hillger, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Hillger will discuss the potential impact of genetically modified crops with herbicide resistance when they occur on railroad rights-of-way.  The inherited resistance will alter herbicide choices and vegetation management programs.

Interactive Weed Identification Guide on Your Cell Phone or PC. Richard Old, XID Services, Pullman WA

Dr. Old will present an expert system for identifying weds based on plant characteristics without the botanical jargon of dichotomous keys.  This identification guide can be available on your cell phone or personal computer.

Herbicide Modes of Action and their Symptomology. Reid Smeda, University of Missouri and Stephen Weller, Purdue University

Drs. Smeda and Weller use treated plants to show how herbicides injure plants and the symptoms that are important for diagnosing plant injury.

Measuring Herbicides: Overlooked Steps to Getting the Correct Rate. Fred Whitford, Purdue University

Dr. Whitford will lead a discussion of measurement techniques, dry weight vs. liquid weight, and ways in which mistakes can be made.  The consequence of over or under application are discussed.

How Nozzle Type, Nozzle Size, Pressure, Herbicide and Adjuvant affect Spray Particle Size and therefore Spray Drift and Efficacy. Robert Klein, University of Nebraska, North Platte

Spray drift takes the herbicide from the intended target, making it less effective and deposits it where it is not needed and not wanted.  The herbicide then becomes an environmental pollutant in the off-target area where it may injure susceptible vegetation or contaminate water.  Knowledge on how all the factors affect spray particle size will help us manage spray drift and improve herbicide efficacy.

Herbicide Resistance Changes the Game Plan. Reid Smeda,University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

The development of herbicide resistance in important weed species means that herbicide programs must be adaptable and flexible, and products used will of necessity have to  change. Dr. Smeda will discuss this changing dynamic of weeds and herbicides.

 Update on Pesticide Regulations. David Scott, Office of the Indiana State Chemist, West Lafayette, IN

Railroad  applicators must stay current on changing regulations such as NPDES enforcement,  the expanded Driftwatch program, and other states’ regulations as requested.

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