2014 Seminar

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Integrating Herbicide Toxicity and Exposure. Dr. Lisa M. Corey, Intertox, Inc., Seattle, WA

Dr. Corey will discuss how humans commonly come into contact with herbicides through occupational exposures and unintentional sources such as drift and transfer, and why it is important to understand what the potential health risks are due to these exposures. Risk assessment is the process by which exposures and toxicity are considered and compared to known health effects. Using a risk assessment allows regulators, employers, and individuals the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding exposure and personal protective equipment.  Dr. Corey Presentation This may take a couple minutes to download.

Soil Surfactants and Herbicide Efficacy. Norm Wagoner, Agrilead, Inc., Alleman, IA

Mr. Wagoner will discuss soil, water, herbicide properties, and characteristics of soil surfactants that influence herbicide performance. Utilizing these advances in herbicide technologies, you can expect to understand factors that support success for herbicide applications.

Herbicide Modes of Action and Their Symptomology. Dr. Reid Smeda , University of Missouri, Columbia, MO and Dr. Steve Weller, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

Drs. Smeda and Weller use treated plants to show how herbicides injure plants and the symptoms that are important for diagnosing plant injury and detecting herbicide resistance.

Understanding Adjuvants and the Water Droplet. Dr. Fred Whitford , Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Dr. Whitford’s presentation provides a discussion on how a class of products, known as adjuvants, are used to enhance herbicide performance on target pests. Thousands of adjuvants are used with pesticide applications around the world creating the misconception that all adjuvants essentially perform the same and their importance is discounted. The goal of this presentation is to highlight the function and value of adjuvants so that applicators can make the perfect spray application

Understanding Confusing and Conflicting Issues on Product Labels. Dr. Fudd Graham, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

Dr. Graham’s interactive presentation will lead you through the complexities of interpreting labels. The label is a legal document and often reads like one.

Recipe in a Bag – Customized Dry Product Mixes. Dr. Larry Gaultney , DuPont, Wilmington, DE

Dr. Gaultney will explain how PrecisionPac enables customized mixes of multiple proprietary and generic dry flowable products for uniform combinations without field measuring. Recordkeeping and traceability capabilities are added benefits.

Update on Pesticide Regulations. Dave Scott, Office of the Indiana State Chemist, West Lafayette

Railroad applicators must stay current on changing regulations such as NPDES enforcement, the expanded Driftwatch program, and other states’ regulations as necessary.  Dave Scott Presentation



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