Weed Control Seminar Session I

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2017 NRCA Program  
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Monday, January 30

11:00 am-1:00 pm     Registration    (Liberty Hall)

1:00-1:45           Introduction, Railroads and Weed Management Issues (Reid Smeda)

1:45-2:45           Plant Biology and Weed Identification (Reid Smeda)

2:45-3:00            Break

3:00-3:30            Basic Herbicide Terminology (Reid Smeda)

3:30-3:45            Break

3:45-4:45            Right-of-way Herbicides and Application Methods (Matt Kraushar)

4:45-5:15            Review and Discussion (Reid Smeda)

5:15-6:15            Dinner: Session I

6:15-7:00            Application Equipment: Use and Maintenance (Reid Smeda and Matt Kraushar)

Tuesday, January 31

7:00-8:30 am        Breakfast for Session I

8:30-9:00              Review and Discussion (Reid Smeda)

9:00-9:45               Herbicide Applicator Safety (Matt Kraushar)

9:45-10:00              Break  

10:00-11:00            Herbicide Formulations (Andrew Martin)

11:00-11:15              Break

11:15-11:45               Weed ID review (Reid Smeda)

11:45- 1:00 pm       Lunch: Session I

1:00-2:15                 Understanding Herbicide Labels (worksheet) (Andrew Martin)

2:15-2:30                 Break

2:30-3:15                 Herbicides in the Railroad Environment (Matt Kraushar)

3:15-4:15                 Application Equipment: Calibration Worksheets (Andrew Martin)
(bring calculators)

4:15-4:30                 Break

4:30-5:00                Federal and State Pesticide Laws and Regulations (Andrew Martin)

5:00-5:15                 Review and Discussion (Reid Smeda)

5:15-6:15                  Dinner: Session I

6:15-7:00                  Study Hall and Pre-test (bring calculators) (Reid Smeda)

7:00-7:45                  Supplemental Exam study session (Reid Smeda)

Wednesday, February 1

7:00-8:00 am            Breakfast for Session I and II

8:00-8:35                   Review and Discussion (Reid Smeda)

8:35-12:00 pm          Indiana Certification Exams (Leo Reed)

11:30 am-1:00 pm     Lunch for Session I and II

12:30-2:00                  Supplemental Exams (Reid Smeda, Rita McKenzie, Mindy Shoults)

Thursday, February 2

1:00-4:00 pm            Illinois Certification Exam       (Rooms C-E)