Dr. Jason Ferrell

Jason Ferrell biography

Jason Ferrell is a Professor in the Agronomy Department at the University of Florida.  Dr. Ferrell’s program consists of developing weed management programs for agronomic crops, pastures and industrial sites.  Since joining the university in 2004 with a 65% extension and 35% research appointment, Dr. Ferrell has conducted over 400 extension meetings, written over 300 articles for extension newsletters and trade magazines, published 80 refereed scientific articles, and mentored 19 graduate students.  He currently serves as Editor for Journal of Aquatic Plant Management (2013-present).  Dr. Ferrell has also been honored with the Dallas Townsend Extension Enhancement Award, Outstanding Specialist Award, Researcher of the Year by the Florida Cattleman’s Association, Early Career Weed Scientist of the Year by Southern Weed Science Society, and Outstanding Weed Scientist by the Florida Weed Science Society.   He and his wife Amber have 3 children – Abby, Emma and Nathan.

Name:                         Jason Ferrell
Business Address
:      University of Florida,
1425 Museum Rd
Gainesville, FL 32611
Tel:                  352-392-7512
Fax:                 352-392-1840
E-mail:             jferrell@ufl.edu

            Present Rank:  Professor, Agronomy – Weed Science
Current Appointment:  0.35 FTE Research, 0.65 FTE Extension

Ph.D.   2003  University of Georgia – Athens                                                                                                              Major: Agronomy – Weed Science
M.S.    2000   University of Kentucky – Lexington                                                                                                       Major: Plant and Soil Science – Weed Science
B.S.     1998     University of Kentucky – Lexington                                                                                                     Major: Plant and Soil Science

University of Florida – Professor                                   2014 – present
University of Florida – Associate Professor                 2009 – 2014
University of Florida – Assistant Professor                  2004 – 2009

Other Employment:
2003 – 2004     University of Georgia              Research Associate
2000 – 2003     University of Georgia              Graduate Research Assistant
1998 – 2000     University of Kentucky            Graduate Research Assistant

2013    Early Career Weed Scientist. South. Weed Sci. Soc.
2011    Dallas Townsend Extension Enhancement Award
2011    Weed Scientist of the Year.  Florida Weed Science Society
2008    Researcher of the Year – Florida Cattleman Association
2008    Outstanding Extension Specialist – FL Assoc. of County Agents
2006    Outstanding Reviewer – Weed Science Society of America

The research effort (35%) is directed to finding solutions to current and developing weed management problems such as invasive species management and herbicide resistance weed management in crop and pasture settings.  Another effort is dedicated toward better understanding of herbicide/crop interaction, specifically the influence of herbicide injury on crop yield. 

Graduate Student Training
            Chair/Co-chair – 5 Ph.D. 14 M.S.

Selected Refereed Publications (80 total):
Smith, H.C. g, J. A. Ferrell, T. J. Koschnick.  2015. Flurprimidol performance on ornamental species in relation to trimming time and method of application.  Hort Sci. 49:1305-1308.

Ferrell, J. A., B. Sellers, R. Leon.  2014.  Management of spreading prickly pear (Opuntia humifusa) with fluroxypyr and aminopyralid.  Weed Technol.  In Press.

Leon, R. G., J. A. Ferrell, and B. Brecke.  2014.  Impact of exposure to 2,4-D and dicamba on peanut injury and yield.  Weed Technol. 28:465-470.

Fernandez, J. V.g, D. C. Odero, G. E. MacDonald, and J. Ferrell. 2014. Parthenium hysterophorus L. control in response to pyraflufen-ethyl application. Crop Prot. 57:35-37.

Castillo, M.S. g, L.E. Sollenberger, J.A. Ferrell, A.R. Blount, M.J. Williams, and C.L. Mackowiak. 2014. Seedbed preparation techniques and weed control strategies for strip-planting rhizome peanut into warm-season grass pastures. Crop Sci. 54: 1868-1875.

Colvin, B. C.g, D. L. Rowland, J. A. Ferrell, and W. H. Faircloth.  2013.  Development of a digital analysis system to evaluate peanut maturity.  Peanut Sci. 40:1-9.

Campbel, D. N g, D. L. Rowland, R. W. Schnell, J. A. Ferrell, and A. C. Wilkie.  2014.  Developing a castor production system in Florida, US: Evaluating crop phenology and response to management.  Ind. Crop. Prod.  53:217-227.

Morichetti, S.g, J. Cantero, C. Nunez, G. Barboza, L. Espinar, A. Amuchastegui y J. Ferrell.  2013. Sobre La Presencia De AMARANTHUS PALMERI (Amaranthaceae) En Argentina.  Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 8 pages.  48:347-354.

Trade Journal Publications: 85   Extension Publications: 110
Newsletter Publications: 151