Dr. Walter H. Fick

Walter H. Fick received a B.S. (1973) and M.S. (1975) in agronomy from the University of Nebraska and the Ph.D in range science from Texas Tech University (1978).  He is currently a professor and extension rangeland management specialist in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University.  Dr. Fick has research/extension responsibilities and interest in prescribed burning, grazing management, and invasive species. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Fick is responsible for teaching grassland monitoring & assessment, range ecology, and range management planning.  He has conducted research on invasive species including musk thistle, sericea lespedeza, roughleaf dogwood, saltcedar, common honeylocust, and Old World Bluestems.  He has trained 3 Ph.D candidates and 12 M.S. students.

Address:    Department of Agronomy                          Phone:   (785) 532-7223
Throckmorton Hall                                      Fax:       (785) 532-6094
Kansas State University                             E-Mail:  whfick@ksu.edu
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph.D., 1978, Texas Tech University, Agriculture (Range Science)
M.S., 1975, University of Nebraska, Agronomy (Range Management)
B.S., 1973, University of Nebraska, Agronomy (Range Management)

*Professor and Extension Rangeland Management Specialist
*Research (0.3 FTE) emphasizes invasive weed/brush management, biology and contro l     of noxious weeds
*Extension (0.5 FTE) emphasizes prescribed burning, brush and weed control, and                 grazing management
*Teaching (0.2 FTE) includes grassland monitoring & assessment, range ecology, range         management planning

Phi Eta Sigma                                                  Society for Range Management
Alpha Zeta                                                       Weed Science Society of America
Gamma Sigma Delta                                      Crop Science Society of America
Sigma Xi                                                           Kansas Academy of Science
Phi Kappa Phii                                                 North Central Weed Science Society
American Society of Agronomy                   Kansas Forage and Grassland Council

*Persistence Pays Off Award for Grassland Management Program Faculty, Great Plain IDEA, 2013
*Certificate of Excellence, Educational Materials Award, American Society of Agronomy, 2012
*Distinguished Achievement Award for Education, North Central Weed Science Society, 2011
*KSRE Team Award, Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan Team, 2011
*Meritorious Research Award, Kansas Forage & Grassland Council, 2010
*Outstanding Advising, College of Agriculture, Kansas State University, 2004-2005
*Trail Boss Award, Kansas Section, Society for Range Management, 2004
*Outstanding Advising Award of Merit, Gamma Sigma Delta, Kansas State University, 2002

*Rangeland Invasive Species Committee, Society for Range Management, 2003-2015
*Newsletter Editor, Kansas Section, Society for Range Management, 1992-2015
*Teaching Award Subcommittee, Range Science Education Council, 2009-2013
*Legislation, Regulatory & Public Policy Committee, North Central Weed Science Society, 2006-2008
*Chairman, Forage & Range Weed Control Section, North Central Weed Science Society, 2004
*Co-Chairman, Program Committee, 2002 Society for Range Management Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO

GRANTS (2011-2015)
          $596,424         USDA-CSREES-NRI
$64,400           Private industry
$40,500           Department of Defense, Department of Army
$10,189           USDA-AFRI-Cap (collaborator)

          Major professor for 3 Ph.D., 12 M.S. students,
3 Grassland Management Graduate Certificate
On graduate committee for 9 Ph.D and 12 M.S. students
Currently advising 1 M.S. and 1 Ph.D, students

PUBLICATIONS (225 total bulletins, abstracts, book chapters, and journal articles)


  • Cable, T.T., W.H Fick, and E.J. Raynor. 2015. The potential impacts of saltcedar eradication (Tamarix) on the birds of the Cimarron National Grassland. Trans. Kansas Acad. Sci. 118:41-47.
  • Preedy, G.W., L.W. Murray, W.H. Fick, L.A. Pacheco, E.A. Bailey, D.L. Davis, A.V. Siverson, and K.C. Olson. 2013. High-tannin forage utilization by beef cows V. Effects of corn steep liquor supplementation on dietary botanical composition of beef cows grazing native range infested by sericea lespedeza (Lespedeza cuneata). Proc. West. Sec. Amer. Soc. Anim. Sci. 64:317-325.
  • Pacheco, L.A., W.H. Fick, E.A. Bailey, D.L. Davis, G.W. Preedy, and K.C. Olson. 2012. Effects of co-grazing on herbivory patterns and performance of cattle and goats grazing native tallgrass rangeland infested by sericea lespedeza (Lespedeza cuneata). Proc. West. Sec. Amer. Soc. Anim. Sci. 63:169-172.
  • Fick, W.H., and W.A. Geyer. 2011. Herbicides for saltcedar control in Kansas. Abstracts, Kansas Natural Resources Conference, January 20-21, Wichita, KS. Kansas State Univ. Agr. Exp. Sta. and Coop. Ext. Serv.
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  • Fick, W.H. 1986. Control of bolted musk thistle using clopyralid. Down to Earth. 42:10-13.